1.  selfie therapy cos i woke up hating this hair

  2. heyhermano:

    Pulp: Underwear

  3. my plans for june 2014

    • see ncatbs
    • graduate the next mornign
    • see the bad seeds again that night
    • ???????

  4. anonymous requested: mickey and svetlana being friends

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  6. givemypoorheartease:

    Tom Waits—“Chocolate Jesus”

    Mule Variations (Anti- 1999).

  7. luneprism:

    When white western men condemn muslim men for misogyny, they’re not doing it because they give a fuck about women, because if they did they’d start by addressing the sexism they perpetuate personally. They don’t give a fuck about women, they want an excuse to be racist. 

  8. gyarados:


    imagine someone cutting you off and you slam on ur horn but instead of a beep it’s this

    this is seriously the funniest post on this entire god damn website it’s only five seconds long please watch it

  9. droqo:

    Well, if you were a better salesman I would’ve bought you a nicer tie!

  10. the accents in fargo sound sooo northern ontario

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  13. The Rains of Castamere (as performed by Sigur Rós in Game of Thrones)

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  14. orbitalencounters:

Total lunar eclipse for the Americas on April 14th 15th 2014


    Total lunar eclipse for the Americas on April 14th 15th 2014

  15. "I’m not a turnkey here, Miss Starling. I don’t come running down here at night just to let people in and out. I had a ticket to Holiday on Ice."

    [Chilton] realized he’d said a ticket. In that instant, Starling saw his life, and he knew it.

    She saw his bleak refrigerator, the crumbs on the TV tray where he ate alone, the still piles his things stayed in for months until he moved them - she felt the ache of his whole yellow-smiling Sen-Sen lonesome life - and switchblade-quick she knew not to spare him, not to talk or look away. She stared into his face, and with the smallest tilt of her head, she gave him her good looks and bored her knowledge in, speared him with it, knowing he couldn’t stand for the conversation to go on.”

    — Thomas Harris’ Silence of the Lambs