fargo was filmed in calgary wtf

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Nick Cave, “Papa Won’t Leave You, Henry”

I passed beside the mission house
Where that mad old buzzard, the reverend,
Shrieked and flapped about life after you’re dead

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20,000 Days was initially conceived as an action film, but Nick didn’t crash into anything so they had to change it to a documentary.

i started reading this as a factual piece of information before checking the url……………………..

so im just saying was nick cave driving the best idea for 20000 day cause like……… the speed camera incident 

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england is a joke

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A retro classic that can be found in the new film Celeste and Jesse Forever. The whole darn soundtrack’s got it going on.

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When the child was a child…

Wings of Desire (1987), dir. by Wim Wenders

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A little known gem from 1998 which appeared on The Book of Life soundtrack.

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Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds : Push the Sky Away tour  - photograph by Derek Brad

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mumford sons: i have a beeEEEeard *jangalangalangalnag*
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A theremin on the cover of Popular Electronics, November 1967.

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"Everyone. Do what I say."