Nick Cave by Peter Sempel

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I’ll Keep It With Mine | Nico

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i have to redo my entire class schedule cause i enrolled in a philosophie class instead of philosophy im gonna scream

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nick cave has grandpa eyebrows

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Debbie Harry - Robert Mapplethorpe, 1978

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Not all women are the owners of a uterus, and not all owners of a uterus are women. A transgender man—that is, a man who was assigned female at birth—may very well have a uterus, may become pregnant, and may very well need the same access to reproductive health options as your average cisgender woman. The same can be said for non-binary individuals who were assigned female at birth. As people who don’t identify as a woman or a man (though they may identify themselves as both, neither, or a combination of the two), some may feel that this language erases their identity or leaves them out. Yes, these people may have a uterus—but it’s not a “lady part.”

While there’s little doubt that women make up the largest segment of uterus-owning individuals, this name further ostracizes oft-overlooked members of society like trans men and non-binary individuals who were assigned female at birth. To exclude them in this, an organization aimed at educating the public on the issue of reproductive health, would seem to negate the organization’s stated goals by erasing identities and perpetuating the already stressful and exclusionary culture these individuals are forced to inhabit.

The Trouble With “Lady Parts” | Parker Marie Molloy for Slate (via gaywrites)
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The Pogues

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its cool to go on yr own!` You’ll meet folks who like the same music and get friends and stuff.

spacegirlsuicide replied to your post:is going to a concert alone sad becuase i really…

sometimes going alone to gigs turns out to be the best experience because you get really focuses on the gig and may end up meeting some nice people!

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I go to gigs alone all the time.

!!!!! thank u friends i am assured 

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is going to a concert alone sad becuase i really wanna see beach house but im not moving to edmonton until september and what if i dont meet anyone there that likes them??


I saw Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds last night and all I could think was how much he reminded me of an aggressive swan. 

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"The only hope you have is to accept the fact that you’re already dead. The sooner you accept that, the sooner you’ll be able to function as a soldier is supposed to function: without mercy, without compassion, without remorse. All war depends upon it."

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perfect for any bedroom

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